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IN exercise of the powers conferred on the Minister responsible for the Interior by section 4(1) of the Public Order Act, 1994 (Act 491) this instrument is made this 12th day of December, 2001.

Section 1—Imposition of Curfew.

A person within the boundaries of the area specified in the first column of the Schedule shall not be out of doors between the hours specified in the second column except under the written permission of the Minister or a person authorized in that behalf by the Minister.

Section 2—Exceptions.

The following persons are exempted from paragraph 1 of this Instrument—

(a) a member of the Armed Forces;

(b) a member of the Police Service;

(c) a member of Prisons Service;

(d) a member of the Fire Service;

(e) a member of the Immigration Service;

(f) a member of the Customs, Excise and Preventive Service;

(g) a member of the Security and Intelligence Agencies;

(h) any other person duly authorized in writing by the Minister to undertake any specific duty.

Section 3—Period of Curfew.

The curfew imposed by this Instrument shall be for a period of fourteen (14) days commencing 12th December, 2001.

Section 4—Power of Arrest Without Warrant.

A person specified in paragraph 2 and authorized by the Minister may arrest without warrant any person who breaches the curfew imposed by this Instrument.

Section 5—Suspension of Curfew.

The Regional Minister for the upper East may suspend the operation of the curfew imposed by this Instrument in the whole or a part of the specified area and may terminate the suspension of the curfew and restore the curfew as and when the Regional Minister thinks fit.



Area     Curfew hours   



and Environs     8 p.m. to 6 a.m.



Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Acting Minister for the Interior

Date of Gazette Notification: 12th December, 2001.


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