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                                         C.I 19







IN exercise of the powers conferred on the Rules of Court Committee by Article 157(2) of the Constitution these Rules are made this 24th day of July, 1997.


1. Sessions of the Court

The sessions of the Court of Appeal referred to in these Rules as "the Court" shall be held during term and at such other times and places as the Chief Justice may direct. 2. Notice of cause lists

(1) Notice of a cause list shall be published by the Registrar of the Court in the Gazette from time to time but at least fourteen days before the date appointed for the hearing of the first of the matters on the list.

(2) The publication shall be notice to all parties of the listing before the Court of any cause or matter mentioned in the list. (see C.I. 21 (a)

(3) Notwithstanding sub rules (1) and (2) of this rule the Court may hear al1Y criminal or civil appeal which has not been included in the cause list as published, but in respect of which notice of hearing has been served on the parties or their counsel.

(4) The publication under sub rule (1) does not apply to the hearing of any matter by a single judge.

3. Right of audience

A person who is a party to any cause or a matter before the Court may appear in person or may be represented by counsel of his choice.

 4. Delivery of judgment

Every judgment of the Court shall be delivered in open Court.


5. Register of appeals


The Registrar shall keep separate registers of civil and criminal appeals brought

before the Court. 


6. Forms to be used

The forms set out in the Schedule to these Rules or such forms as the cil1cum- stances permit shall be used in cases to which the forms are applicable.

7. Matters not expressly provided for

Where no provision is expressly made by these Rules regarding the practice and procedure which shall apply to any cause or matter before the Court, the Court shall prescribe such practice and procedure as in the opinion of the Court the justice of the cause or matter requires.




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