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IN exercise of the powers conferred on the Commissioner responsible for the Interior by section 28 of the Aliens Act, 1963 (Act 160) these Regulations are made this 13th day of May, 1974.

Regulation 1—Amendment of Regulation 9 of L.I. 856.

The Aliens (Registration) Regulations, 1974 (L.I. 856) are hereby amended by the addition at the end of regulation 9 thereof  of the following new sub-paragraphs—

"(g) non-Ghanaian ex-servicemen and their families;

(i) a person in the employment of a statutory Corporation."

Regulation 2—Regulation 13 of L.I. 856 Replaced.

For regulation 13 of the said Regulations there is hereby substituted the following new regulation—

"13.  Interpretation.

In these Regulations—

"district" has the same meaning assigned to it by section 119 of the Local Administration Act, 1971 (Act 359) so however that where a District Council has not been established in any area, "district" shall in respect of that area mean an administrative district;

"ex-serviceman" means any former member of the Ghana Armed Forces, the erstwhile Gold Coast Regiment (R.W.A.F.F.) or any other force approved by the Commissioner responsible for the Interior in consultation with the Commissioner responsible for Defence;

"family" means wife, husband, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter;

"hotel" includes a motel, rest-house or hostel.


Commissioner responsible for Interior

Date of Gazette Notification: 24th May, 1974.



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