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IN  exercise of the powers conferred on the Commander-in-Chief by section 97 of the Armed Forces Act, 1962 (Act 105) and after consultation with the Armed Forces Council, these Regulations are made this 15th day of  November, 1976.

Regulation 1—Chapter 206 of C.I. 12 Amended.

Chapter 206 of the Armed Forces Regulations, 1970 (C.I. 12) as amended is hereby further amended by the insertion immediately after 206.11 (4) of the following—

"206.12. Rehabilitation of Invalid Officers and Men.

(1) An invalided officer or man shall qualify for rehabilitation if his invalidation is attributable to natural causes or injuries   suffered  while performing military duties.

(2) An officer or man who qualifies under (1) of this article shall be—

(a) entitled to free medical care in any military or state controlled hospital;

(b) assisted in acquiring a house if he so desires, from his release benefits;

(c) offered financial assistance on admission to an approved trades school for training in a trade of his choice.

(d) assisted to find suitable employment or set up his own workshop after successfully completing his training under (c)".

Regulation 2—Article 206.71 of C.I. 12 Amended.

The Armed Forces Regulations, 1970 (C.I. 12) as amended are hereby further amended by the addition immediately after Article 206. 71 (4) of the following—

"(5) An invalided officer who qualifies for rehabilitation under Article 206.12 (1) shall on leaving the Active List be permitted to retain as courtesy title in civil life his rank."

Regulation 3—Commencement

These Regulations are deemed to have come into force on the 25th day of September, 1970.


Chairman of the Supreme Military Council

Date of Gazette Notification: 24th December, 1976.


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