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WHEREAS it has been alleged that certain lodgements made on Saturday, 10th of March, 1979 in the bank accounts of the persons specified in Part I of the Schedule to this Instrument were made to appear as if they were made before the said date and with intent to prevent the application to the said lodgements of the provisions of the Cedi (New Notes) Decree, 1979 (S.M.C.D. 226); and

WHEREAS it is alleged that the person specified in Part II of the said Schedule received the said lodgements and assisted in the act of making it appear that they were made before the date on which they were actually made; and

WHEREAS the Supreme Military Council deems it expedient that, while investigations are being made into the said allegations, restrictions should be placed on the transfer of the assets and the operation of the bank accounts of all the persons specified in the said Schedule.

NOW, THEREFORE in exercise of the powers conferred on the Supreme Military Council by section 12 of the Assets and Bank Accounts Decree, 1972 (N.R.C.D. 8) this Instrument is made this 2nd day of April, 1979.

Section 1—Schedule to N.R.C.D. 8 Amended.

The Schedule to the Assets and Bank Accounts Decree, 1972 (N.R.C.D. 8) as amended is hereby further amended by the addition of the name specified in the Schedule to this Instrument.

Section 2—Commencement.

This Instrument shall be deemed to have come into force on the 29th day of March, 1979.





Madam Akoma Akua                                       A.K. Kwarteng and Co.

Akua Nkansah                                                 Shetu Hajia

Yao Manu                                                        Cecilia Acheampong

Mantey Georgina                                             Nana Peprah

Abena Kwabone                                               Kwabena Nkromah

Afua Serwah                                                     Georgina Tetteh

Dr. K. Appiah-Poku                                        Buachie Trading Enterprise

Afua Mansah                                                   J.K. Buachie Transport

Akyerenade Stores                                           R. Oti

Kata Motor Parts                                            J.B. Akoto No.1

Faustina Lawman                                             A. Amoh

Boakye Ansah Metal Works                            A. Aduwah

Yaa Pomaah                                                    C. Afi

Yaa Nyarko                                                     P. Attah (staff)

A.K. Andoh                                                     Diana Turkson

Mary Osei-Bonsu                                             Kwaso Trading Co. No.1

J. Oppong Boampong No. 1                             Kwaso Trading Co. No. 3

J. Oppong Boampong No. 2                             A. Addai

E. Kofi Osei No. 1                                           Aba Yaa

E. Kofi Osei No. 1                                           G. Owusu Mensah

R. Appiah                                                        J.O. Kwarteng

A. Aduwah



G.E.O. Amoo



Chairman of the Supreme Military Council.

Date of Gazette Notification: 6th April, 1979.


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