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(LI 1102).


IN exercise of the powers conferred on the Supreme Military Council by sections 1 and 2 of the Statutory Corporations Act, 1964 (Act 232) this Instrument is made this 6th day of January, 1977.

Section 1—L.I. 651 Amended.

The Ghana Airways Corporation Instrument, 1970 (L.I. 651) is hereby amended as follows:

(a) by the substitution for paragraph 11 thereof of the following new paragraph:

"11. Staff of Corporation.

(1) The Corporation, may from time to time engage such employees as may be necessary for the proper and efficient conduct of the business and functions of the Corporation.

(2) The Corporation may also engage the services of such consultants and advisers as the Board may, upon the recommendation of the Managing Director, determine.

(3) Subject to the provisions of this Instrument the Board shall be responsible for the appointment, discipline and removal of an employee of  the Corporation.

(4)  The Board may delegate to the Managing Director the power to appoint, discipline or remove such categories of employees as the Board may determine.

(5) The employees, consultants and advisers of the Corporation shall be engaged on such terms and conditions as the Board may on the recommendations of the Managing Director determine.

(6) Public Officers may be transferred or seconded to the Corporation or may otherwise give assistance thereto”.

(b) by the substitution for paragraph 13 thereof of the following new paragraph:

"13. Chief Internal Auditor.

(1) The Corporation shall have an internal auditor to be designated as the Chief Internal Auditor.

(2) Subject to the provisions of this Instrument, the Chief Internal Auditor shall be responsible to the Managing Director for the performance of his functions.

(3) As part of his functions under this Instrument the Chief Internal Auditor shall at intervals of three months prepare a report on the internal audit work carried out by him during the period of three months immediately preceding the preparation of the report and submit the report to the Managing Director.

(4) Without  prejudice to the general effect of sub-paragraph (3) of this paragraph the Chief Internal Auditor shall make in each report such observations as appear to him necessary as to the conduct of the financial affairs of the Corporation during the period to which the report relates.

(5) The Chief  Internal Auditor shall send a copy of each report prepared by him under this paragraph to the Commissioner and also to each of the following:

the Commissioner responsible for Finance,

the Auditor-General, and

the Chairman of the Board.”

(c) by the substitution for paragraph 21 thereof of the following new paragraph:

"21. Financial Year of Corporation.

The financial year of  the Corporation shall end on the 30th day of June in each year.”

(d) by the insertion immediately after paragraph 21 thereof of the following new paragraph:

"21A. Estimates of Corporation.

The Managing Director shall cause to be prepared not later than two months before the commencement of each financial year a budget showing the estimates of revenue and expenditure of the Corporation for that financial year and shall submit such estimates to the Board for its approval.”

(e) by the substitution for sub-paragraph (1)  (b) of paragraph 23 thereof of the following new sub-paragraph:

“(b) each report submitted in relation to that financial year by the Chief Internal Auditor under paragraph 13 of this Instrument.”


Chairman of the Supreme Military Council

Date of Gazette Notification: 14th January, 1977



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