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IN exercise of the powers conferred on the Commissioner responsible for Finance by section 11 of the National Weekly Lotto Act, 1961 (Act 94) this Regulation is made this 24th day of July, 1975.

Regulation 1—National Weekly Lotto Regulations, 1962 Amended.

The National Weekly Lotto Regulations, 1962 (L.I. 237) as amended are hereby further amended as follows: —

(a)  by the substitution for Regulation 25 thereof of the following new Regulation:

"25. Winning Ticket to be Delivered to Director.

(1) A person who claims to be entitled to a prize shall deliver or cause to be delivered the winning ticket to the Director at the head office not later than  fifteen days after the completion of the draw.

(2) The Director shall reject any winning ticket which is delivered to him outside of the period prescribed in sub-regulation (1) of this Regulation."

(b) by the insertion immediately after Regulation 25 thereof of the following new Regulation:—

"25A. Forfeiture of Unclaimed Prizes.

(1) A person who delivers or causes to be delivered a winning ticket to the Director in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 25 of these Regulations, shall pursue and secure payment of his prize-money not later than one year after the date of the draw.

(2) Failure on the part of a winner to secure payment of the prize-money within the period prescribed in sub-regulation (1) of this Regulation, shall result in the forfeiture of such prize-money except where the Director is satisfied that there are grounds for extending such period.

(3) The Director shall cause to be paid into the Consolidated Fund any prize-money forfeited under the provisions of sub-regulation (2) of this Regulation."


Commissioner Responsible for Finance


Date of Gazette Notification: 8th August, 1975.



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