C.I 19






1.Sessions of the Court

2. Notice of cause lists

3. Right of audience

4.Delivery of judgment

5.Register of appeals

6. Forms to be used

7. Matters not expressly provided for


8. Notice and grounds of appeal

9. Time limits for appealing

10. Service of notice of appeal 

11. Settling record of appeal

12. Security for costs

13. Additional security for costs

14. Transmission of record 

15. Notice by respondent of contention that judgment should be , varied .

1 6. Notice of preliminary objection to be filed

17. Withdrawal of appeal

18. Non-compliance with conditions of appeal

19. Exhibits

20. Written submission

21. Control of proceedings during pendency of appeal

22.. Submission by party not appearing

23. Non-appearance of appellant

24. Non-appearance of respondent

25. Application to set aside ex-parte judgment

26. New evidence on appeal

27. Effect of appeal

28. Court to which application should be made

29. Determination of doubts as to finality of judgment

30. Interlocutory judgment not to prejudice appeal .

31. General powers of the Court

32. Power of Court to give judgment and make an order

33. Time limit for delivery of judgments

34. Review of the decision of the Court in exceptional cases

35. Costs

36. Enforcement of judgments

37. Execution of judgment by court below


38. Conditions of appeal

39. Notices of appeal

40. Notice of application for extension of time for appealing

41. Forwarding of proceedings m court below to Registrar

42. Copies of record for appellant

43. Notice to appellant of decision by single Judge 

44. Abandonment of appeal

45. Withdrawal of notice of abandonment

46. Person in custody in  default of payment of fine

47. Varying order of restitution of property

48. Temporary suspension of orders made on conviction as to money, rewards, costs

49. Records of summing up

50. Report of Judge of trial Court

51. Furnishing trial judge with material for report "l

52. Procedure where question of law reserved

53. Appellant and surety's recognisance before whom to be taken

54. Notification of  trial determination of appeals

 55. Notification of result of appeal

56. Enforcement of orders

57. Restriction on issue of certificate on conviction

58. Return of original deposition, exhibits

59. Attendance of witness before the Court

60. Examination of witness other than before the Court


61. Vacations of the Court

62. Proceedings on reference

63. Waiver of non compliance with Rules

64. Costs of appeal

65. Waiver of Gazette notification

.66. Pronouncement of judgment of the Court

67. Interpretation

68. Revocation 




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