LAWS  OF GHANA


                    Zongo Development Fund Act,  2017  Act  964



Establishment  of the Zanga Development Fund

1.  Establishment  of the Fund

2.  Object of the Fund

3.  Accountability  to the Minister

4.   Head office

5.  Sources of money for the Fund

6.  Bank account


Governance of the Fund


7.  Governing body of the Fund

8.  Functions  of the Board

9.  Tenure of office of members

10.  Duties  and liabilities of members of the Board

11.  Meetings  of the Board

12.  Disclosure  of interest

13.  Committees  of the Board

14.  Allowances

15.  Ministerial  directives


Administrative  and Financial Matters


16.  Appointment  of Chief Executive  Officer

17.  Functions  of the Chief Executive  Officer

18.  Internal Audit  Unit

19.  Appointment   of other  Staff

20.   Secretariat  of the Fund

21.  Disbursement  from the Fund

22.  Expenses of the Fund

23.  Application  for funding

24.  Tax exemption

25.  Accounts  and audit

26.  Financial  year

27.  Annual  report and other reports

28. Collaboration  with Ministries,  Departments  and Agencies

29.  Offences

30.  Regulations

31.  Interpretation

32. Transitional  provisions




                                                                REPUBLIC   OF GHANA



                              OF THE PARLIAMENT  OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA


                                  ZONGO DEVELOPMENT FUND ACT, 2017 ACT 964

AN ACT to  establish a Fund to provide financial resources to develop and  transform   the  social  and  economic conditions   of  Zongo communities; and  to  provide   for the  management    of the  Fund   and  for related   matters.

DATE  OF ASSENT:   2nd January, 2018.


Passed  by Parliament   and  assented  to by the President:


Establishment  of the Zanga Development Fund


Establishment   of the  Fund

1.  (1)  There  is established  by this Act a Fund  to be known  as the Zongo

Development Fund.

(2)  The Fund is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common   seal,  which  may  sue  and  be  sued  and  have  in all respects  the powers  of  a body  corporate.

(3)  The  Fund  may  for the performance   of its functions  acquire  and hold  moveable   and  immoveable   property   and  may  enter  into  a contract or  any  other  transaction.

(4)  Where   there  is a hindrance    to  the  acquisition    of  property,   the property   may  be acquired   for the Fund   under  the  State  Lands   Act,  1962 (Act  125) and  the cost shall be borne  by the Fund.

Object  of the  Fund

2.  (1)  The   object   of  the  Fund   is  to  provide    financial    resources    to develop   and  transform    the  social   and  economic    conditions    of  Zongo communities.

(2)  For  the  purpose   of  achieving   the  object  of  the  Fund,   moneys from  the  Fund   shall  be applied   to relevant   activities   that  the  Board  may determine    inc! uding

(a) investment   in  basic  services   and  strategic   infrastructure     in

Zongo   communities;

(b)  financing   education    and  training   programmes    of the  youth in  Zongo   communities;

(c)  support   of local  businesses   in  Zongo  communities;

(d)  promotion    of programmes    to support   tourism,   culture   and arts  in  Zongo   communities;

(e) provision   of  social  protection    for  the  poor  and  vulnerable children,   men  and  women   in Zongo  communities;    and

(f)  any  other   activity   determined    by  the  Board  to  achieve   the object  of the  Fund.

Accountability to the Minister

3.  The  Fund   shall  be accountable    to the Minister   on  the  achievement of its object  and  compliance    with  this  Act.

Head Office

4.   The  Fund  shall  have its head  office in Accra  and  may, where  it con- siders  necessary   for the performance    of its functions,   open  branches   subject  to the  approval   of  the  Minister.

Sources  of money  for the  Fund

5.  The  sources  of moneys   for the  Fund  are

(a)   moneys   approved   by Parliament;

(b)  grants,  loans   and  other  voluntary    contributions;

(c)  internally   generated   funds;  and

(d)  other  moneys  that  may become  lawfully payable  to the Fund.

Bank  account

6.  The  moneys  for the Fund  shall be paid into  a bank  account   opened for that  with  the  approval   of the  Controller   and  Accountant-General.

Governance of the Fund

Governing    body  of the  Fund

7.  (1)  The  governing   body  of the  Fund  is a Board  consisting   of

(a) a chairperson;

(b) one  representative    of   the  Ministry   of Finance   not  below the  rank   of  a  Director;

(c)  one  representative    of  the  Ministry   responsible    for  Zongo Development    not  below  the  rank  of a Director;

(d) one  representative    of   the  National   House   of Chiefs  nominated  by the  National   House   of Chiefs;

(e) one  representative   of the Office of the National   Chief Imam nominated by the  Office  of the  National   Chief  Imam;

(f)  one representative    of the National   Council  of Zongo  Chiefs nominated by the  National   Council   of Zongo   Chiefs;

(g)  one   representative of  the  National     Council    of  Muslim Chiefs nominated   by  the  National     Council    of  Muslim Chiefs;

(h) one representative of the Christian Council of Ghana nominated  by the  Christian   Council   of Ghana;

(i)  the  Chief  Executive   Officer  of the  Fund;   and

(k)  two  other  persons,  at least  one  of whom  is a woman.

(2)  The  members   of the  Board  shall be appointed   by the  President in accordance    with  article  70 of the  Constitution   .

(3)  The  President   shall  in appointing   a person  as a member   of the Board   have  regard   to  the  integrity,    expertise    and   experience     of  the person    and   in  particular     the  knowledge     of  that   person    in  matters relevant   to the  functions   of the  Board.

Functions of the  Board

8. (1)  The  Board  shall  have oversight responsibility   for the attainment of  the  object  of  the  Fund. the making of operational    policy and such other functions conferred   upon it by any other  provision of this  Act.

(2)  For the purpose   of  subsection   (1), the  Board  shall

(a) pursue   appropriate     policies   to  achieve   the  object   of  the Fund;

(b)  ensure  the collection   of  moneys  lawfully  due  the Fund;

(c)  ensure  accountability    of the  Fund  by  defining   appropriate procedures of the  Fund;

(d) define  and  ensure  compliance with criteria  for the disbursement  of funds;

(e)  approve   the  disbursement    of moneys   from  the  Fund;

(f) establish   the  criteria  for the  investment   of  funds;

(g) organise fund-raising   activities  to raise moneys  for the fund; and                                                                                  .

(h) perform  any  other  functions  assigned  to it under  this Act or incidental to  the  achievement    of the  objects  of the  Fund.

(3)  The  Board  may  engage  the  services  of experts  and  consultants as determined   by the  Board.

Tenure of office of members

9.  (1)  A  member   of the  Board,   shall  hold  office  for a period  of not more  than   four  years  and  is eligible  for re-appointment     but  a member shall  not be appointed   for more  than  two  terms.

(2)  Subsection   (1) does  not  apply  to the Chief  Executive   Officer  of the  Fund.

(3)  A member   of the  Board  may  at any  rime  resign  from  office in writing  addressed   to the  President   through   the  Minister.

(4)  A member   of the Board  other  than  the  Chief  Executive   Officer who  is absent   from  three   consecutive    meetings   of  the  Board   without sufficient   cause  ceases  to be a member  of the Board.

(5)  The  President   may by a letter addressed   to a member  revoke  the appointment    of  that  member.

(6)  Where   a member   of the  Board,   for  sufficient  reason   is unable to  act  as  a member,   the  Minister   shall  determine    whether   the  inability would  result  in the  declaration   of  a vacancy.

(7)  Where   there  is a vacancy

(a)  under  subsection   (3), (4) or  12(2),

(b)  as a. result  of a declaration   under  subsection   (6) or

(c) by reason  of  the  death  of  a member,



the  Minister   shall  notify  the  President   of the  vacancy   and  the  President shall  appoint   a person  to fill the  vacancy.

Duties   and  liabilities    of members   of the  Board

10.  (1)  A  member   of the  Board  has  the  same  fiduciary   relationship with  the Fund  and  the same  duty  to act with  loyalty  and  in good  faith  as a director  'of a company   incorporated    under   the  Companies    Act,   1963 (Act  179).

(2)  Without  limiting subsection (1), a member  of the Board has a duty

(a)  to  act  honestly   in the  performance    of  the  functions   of  the member;

(b)  to  exercise the degree of care and diligence in the  performance   of the member's functions that a reasonable   person in  that  position would be expected to  exercise in the circumstances of the  Fund                          

(c)  not  to use  information    acquired   by  virtue  of  the  member's position   as a member   of the  Board   without   authorisation; and

(d) not to make  improper   use of  the member's   position   so as to gain,  directly  or indirectly,   a benefit   for the  member   or  for any  other  person  or cause  loss to  the Fund.

(3)  A  member   of  the  Board  who  contravenes   subsection   2(a) or (b)  commits   an offence  and  is liable  on  summary   conviction   to a fine of not   less than  two  hundred   and  fifty penalty  units  and  not more  than  five hundred   penalty   units.

(4)  A member   of  the  Board   who  contravenes    subsection   2(c)  or ((;')commits   an offence  and  is liable  on  summary   conviction   to a fine  of nor less than  five hundred   penalty  units  and  not  more  than  one thousand penalry    units  or  to  a term  of  imprisonment     of not  less  than  two  years and  nor  more  than  five years  or to both.

Meetings    of the  Board

11. (1)  The  Board  shall  meet  at least once  every  three  months   for the despatch   of business   at  the  times  and  in  the  places  determined    by  the chairperson.

(2)  The  chairperson   shall  at the request  in writing  of not less than one  third   of  the  membership    of  the  Board   convene   an  extraordinary meeting     of  the   Board    at   the   place    and   time    determined      by   the chairperson.

(3)  The  quorum   at a meeting   of the Board  is six members   of the Board.

(4)  The  chairperson   shall  preside  at meetings  of the Board  and  in the  absence   of the  chairperson,    a  member   of the  Board  other  than   the Chief  Executive  Officer elected  by the members  present  from among  their number   shall  preside.


 (5)  Matters  before the Board  shall be decided  by a majority  of the members   present  and  voting  and  in the event  of an equality  of votes, the person  presiding   shall  have  a casting  vote.

(6)  The  Board   may  co-opt   a person   to  attend   a Board   meeting but  that  person  shall  not  vote  on a matter   for decision   at the  meeting.

(7)  The  proceedings    of  the  Board   shall  not  be  invalidated    by reason  of a vacancy   among  the  members   or a defect  in the  appointment or qualification    of  a member.

(8)  The  Board  shall,  subject  to  this  Act,  regulate   the  procedure for its meetings.

Disclosure   of interest

12.   (1)  A  member   of the  Board  who  has  an  interest   in  a matter   for consideration    shall

(a)  disclose  the  nature   of the  interest   and  the  disclosure   shall form  part  of the  record  of considcra tion  of the  matter;  and

(b)  not  be  present   at  or participate    in  the  deliberation    of the Board  in respect  of  the  matter.

(2)  A member  ceases  to be a member  of the Board  if that  member has an interest  in a matter  before  the  Board;  and

(a)  fails to disclose  that  interest;  and

(b)  is  present    at  or  participates      in  the  deliberations      of  the matter.

Committees    of the  Board

13.   (1)  The   Board    may   establish    committees      consisting     of members   of  the  Board  and  non-members,    to  perform  a function   of  the Board.

(2)  Section   12 applies  to a member   of a committee   of the  Board.

(3)  A  committee   of the  Board  shall  be chaired   by  a member   of the  Board.

(4)  Without     limiting    subsection     (1)  the  Board    may   have   an Advisory   Committee.



14.  Members   of the Board  and  members   of a committee   of the Board shall  be paid  allowances   approved   by the  Minister   in consultation    with the Minister   responsible   for  Finance.

Ministerial  directives

15.  The  Minister   may  give directives   in writing  to the  Board  on matters of  policy  and  the  Board  shall  comply.


Administrative  and Financial Matters


Appointment   of Chief  Executive  Officer

16.   (1)  The  President    shall,   in  accordance    with   article    195 of  the Constitution,    appoint   a Chief  Executive   Officer  for the  Fund.

(2)  The  Chief  Executive  Officer  shall hold office on the terms  and conditions   specified  in  the  letter  of appointment.

Functions   of the Chief  Executive  Officer

17.  (1)  The  Chief  Executive   Officer  is responsible   for the  day  to day management    of the  Fund.

(2)  The  Chief  Executive   Officer  shall  ensure  the implementation of the  decisions   of the  Board.

(3)  The  Chief  Executive   Officer  may  delegate   a  function   to  an officer of the Secretariat   of the Fund  but shall  not be relieved  of ultimate responsibility   for the  performance    of the  delegated   function.

(4)  The  Chief  Executive   Officer  is answerable    to  the  Board  for the  performance    of the  functions   under  this  Act.

Internal Audit Unit

18.  (1)  The Fund  shall have an Internal  Audit  Unit in accordance   with section  83 of the Public  Financial   Management    Act,  2016 (Act  921)

(2)  The Internal  Audit  Unit shall be headed  by an Internal  Auditor who  shall  be appointed    in accordance    with  the  Internal   Audit  Agency Act,  2003 (Act 658).

(3)   The  Internal   Auditor   is responsible   for the  internal   audit  of the  Fund.

(4)  The  Internal   Auditor   shall,  subject  to subsections   (3) and  (4) of section  16 of the Internal  Audit  Agency  Act,  2003 (Act 658), at intervals of three  months

(a) prepare   and  submit   to  the Board,   a report   on  the  internal audit  carried  out  during  the  period   of three  months   imme- diately  preceding   the  preparation    of the  report;  and

(b)  make   recommendations       in  each   report    with   respect    to matters   which  appear   to the  Internal   Auditor   as necessary for the  conduct   of the  affairs  of the  Fund.

(5)  The  Internal   Auditor   shall  in accordance   with  subsection   (4) of section  16 of the Internal   Audit  Agency  Act,  2003 (Act  658), submit  a copy  of each  report   prepared   under   this  section   to  the  Board  and  the Board  shall  submit  the  report  to the Minister.

Appointment     of other   staff

19.  (1)  The  President    shall,   in  accordance    with   article   195 of the Constitution,     appoint    other   staff  that   are  necessary    for  the  effective performance    of the  functions   of the  Fund.

(2)  The  President   may, in writing,  delegate  the power  of appointment  in subsection   (1) to the Board.

(3)  Other   public   officers  may  be  transferred   or  seconded   to the Fund  or may,  otherwise   give assistance   to the Fund.

Secretariat    of the  Fund

20.   The Fund  shall have a Secretariat  headed  by the Chief Executive Officer.

Disbursement     from  the  Fund

21  The moneys  of  the  Fund   shall  be  disbursed   in  accordance    with Regulations   made  under  this  Act.

Expenses   of the  Fund

22.   (1)  The  salaries  of  employees   of  the  Fund   shall  be the  same  as those  applicable   to employees   of equivalent   status  in the  Public  Service and  shall  be charged  on the Fund.

(2)  All  other  administrative    expenses   of  the  Fund   shall  be paid out  of the  Fund  subject  to the  approval   of the  Board  acting  in consulta- tion  with  the  Minister.

(3)  The  expenses  specified  in subsection   (2) shall  not  exceed  five percent  of the  total  moneys   approved   by Parliament.

Application    for funding

23.   (1)   Moneys   from  the Fund  shall  be applied  to achieve  the object of the  Fund   as stated  in section  2.

(2)  A  person   is  eligible   to  apply   for  funding   from  the  Fund   if that  person   is

(a) a citizen   of Ghana;   and

(b) a resident    of a Zongo   community;    or

(c) a registered   institution    that

(i)   is within   a Zongo   community;    or

(ii)   works  on  Zongo   community    matters.

Tax  exemption

24.   The  Fund   is exempt   from  the  payment   of tax.

Accounts    and  audit

25.  (1)  The  Board  shall  keep  books  of account   and  proper  records  in relation   to  the  Fund   in the  form  approved   by the  Auditor-General.

(2)   The Board  shall submit the accounts  of the Fund  to the Auditor-   . General   for audit  within  three  months  after  the end  of the  financial  year .:

(3)  The  Auditor-General     shall  not  later  than   three  months   after the receipt  of the accounts,   audit  the accounts   and  forward  a copy  of  the audit  report   to  the  Minister.

Financial   year

26.  The  Financial   Year of  the Fund  shall  be the  same  as the financial year  of the   Government.

Annual   report   and  other   reports

27.   (1)   The   Board    shall.   within    one   month    after   the  receipt    of the  audit   report.   submit   an  annual   report   to  the  Minister   covering   the operations    and  activities   of the  Fund   for  the  year  to which   the  annual report  relates.

(2)  The  annual   report   shall  include   the  report   of  the  Auditor- General   and  a performance    report.

(3)  The  ).Iinister   shall  within  one  month   after  the  receipt  of the annual   report  submit   the  report  to Parliament    with  a statement   that  the Minister   considers   necessary.


(4)  The  Board  shall  also submit  to the Minister   any  other  reports which   the  Minister   may  require  in writing.

Collaboration   with Ministries,  Departments   and Agencies

28.  The  Fund  shall  collaborate with  Ministries,   Departments  and Agencies   in the performance    of functions   under  this Act.



29.  A person  who  without  lawful justification    or excuse

(a) knowingly     makes   a  false   statement     to,  or  deliberately misleads  or attempts  to mislead  the Fund  or an employee   or authorized agent  of the  Fund;

(b) induces   or  attempts   to  induce   by any  means   a member of the  Board   or  Committee of  the  Board,   an  employee    or authorized agent   of the  Fund;   or

(c) discloses  confidential   information   obtained   by or submitted to the Fund  in the course  of the performance   of its functions, commits   an  offence  and  is liable  on summary   conviction   to a fine of not less  than   five hundred   penalty   units  and  not  more   than  one  thousand penalty   units  or  to  a term  of imprisonment     of not  less  than  two  years and  not  more   than  four  years  or to both.


30.  The  Minister   may, by legislative  instrument,    make  Regulations to provide

(a)  for matters  relating  to the application   for funding  under  this


(b) for the procedure   for the  disbursement    of moneys   from  the Fund;   and

(c)  generally   for the  effective  implementation     of this  Act.


31.    In this Act,  unless  the  context  otherwise   requires,

"basic  services"   means   utilities   and  infrastructure    required   to guarantee  a decent standard  of living prescribed by the  policies and  laws  of  the  country   and  international    Conventions;

"Board"   means  the  governing  body  of the Zongo  Development Fund   established   under  section   7;

"Fund" means   Zongo   Development     Fund   established    under section   1;

"Minister"       means     the   Minister      responsible       for   Zongo Development;

"non-governmental organisation"     means   a civil  society   group or  non-profit   body   of  persons   formed   to  pursue   purposes that  are lawful  and  that  are  non-profit   but  oriented   towards public  interest;

"strategic   infrastructure"    means   critical  infrastructure    required for the     economic     growth,    social   development     and   the rapid   and  sustained   transformation     of a community;

"youth"   means  a person  between   the  ages of fifteen  and  thirty- five years;  and

"Zongo community"   means    a  heterogenous community comprising various   ethnic   groups   with  different   religions where

(a)   the  predominant   religion   is Islam;

(b)    the  predominant language is Hausa;   and

(c)    the  community  is  characterised  by  poor  living conditions.

Transitional     provisions

32.   (1)   The   total   sum   of  money    located    in  any   bank   before    the commencement     of  this  Act  which   constitutes    money   intended    for  the Fund  shall. within  thirty days, be transferred   to the Fund  established   under section   1.

(2)  Any'  person   in  possession    of  money   intended    for  the  Fund before  the  commencement     of  this  Act  shall,  within thirty     days,  pay  the money   into  the bank  account   opened   under  section  6



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